Our Mission

We believe the best marketing insights power the best performance. Unified delivers both.

Our Vision

Digital marketing is complex, frequently changes, and is the most powerful marketing channel available. Unified achieves outsized digital marketing results for brands through expert services super-charged by innovative operations and insights platforms. We have a relentless focus on creating value for customers.

Our Values



Continuous Improvement


Unified was born out of a mindset to build solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities around us.

We recognized one glaring issue facing companies operating within the social advertising industry: a complete lack of access, transparency, and control over their own data. Marketers were left making huge, multi-million dollar decisions based on incomplete, often inaccurate information - losing money and putting their advertising investments at risk.

We knew there was a better way, so we set out to change the industry with Unified. We help marketers take control over their digital advertising investments.

The premise is simple: Unify your campaign performance data. Gain transparency. Make better decisions. Drive better performance.

Our Offices

New York

Los Angeles